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Signify Premium Insight: The Incidental Adoption of AI

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December 1st 2023 – Curemetrix has secured FDA clearance for its cmAngio solution, an AI tool which can identify breast arterial calcification on mammograms. Will this buck the trend and prove to be a widely adopted population health focused AI tool?

SPI Digital Health: Hope Springs Eternal at Amwell as Clock Ticks on Profitability

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30th November 2023 – Amwell is pulling various levers in an attempt to turn a profit. But while time is of the essence for the telehealth vendor, big results are unlikely to be immediate.

White Paper: AI in Digital Pathology’s Future: Cannibalisation, Commoditisation and Consolidation

29th November 2023 – Read our white paper on AI in Digital Pathology’s Future: Cannibalisation, Commoditisation and Consolidation.

Video Discussion: Signify Research’s Imaging IT Market Intelligence Service

We are excited to launch new video content to provide our expert insights through ever more accessible forms of media. As usual these market insights will highlight our Analysts takes on the developments within the healthcare tech arena. In this first video, Amy Thompson, Research Manager and Alan Stoddart, Editor of Signify Premium Insights Medical Imaging, discuss […]

Signify Premium Insight: To Aspire and to Acquire – Imaging Vendor Financials Q3 2023

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November 28th 2023 – Many medical imaging vendors will be congratulating themselves on a job well done in 2023’s third quarter. However, 2024, growing uncertainty, and the potential for significant hardship looms…