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Signify Premium Insight: Ultrasound – It’s Coming Home

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08th October 2020 – The handheld ultrasound market is developing at a rapid pace, but does this growth herald an era of ultrasound at home?

Investment, Agnosticism and AI: Understanding Digital Pathology in 2020

08th October – Digital Pathology has had a difficult gestation period. However, compared to other diagnostic markets, both investment & uptake has been underwhelming. What, though, are the factors affecting this developing market? Here, Signify Research offers its take.

The Future of the ICU: How CDS and Analytics are Advancing Care

7th Oct 2020 – Analytics and AI-based clinical applications are drawing increased attention; CDS is leading to a more informed clinical environment. But how will this change the ICU?

Signify Premium Insight: Will Nanox Disrupt the X-ray Systems Market?

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1st October 2020 – With its share price falling from more than $66 to less than $24, September was a tumultuous month for Nanox. Here’s our take on the company and the facts behind the hype

Signify Premium Insight: When Money Talks, AI Now Has a Voice

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22nd September 2020 – has become the first company to be granted a New Technology Add-on Payment (NTAP) for artificial intelligence software by the CMS. Here we take you though this ruling.