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Will COVID-19 accelerate cost-sharing purchase models in the clinical care market?

11th March 2021 – As the calm starts to set in as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the focus will resume on lessons learnt. It was clear that many of the most mature healthcare markets were not prepared for the pandemic.

Signify Premium Insight: Venturing East: Medical Imaging AI Funding in 2020

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March 9th 2021 – Signify Research has recently released its latest analysis of VC funding in the medical AI market. This Insight assesses some of the analysis’s more interesting trends as well as identifying the drivers behind them.

VC-Funding for Medical Imaging AI Companies Tops $2.6 Billion

08th March 2021 – Capital investment for companies developing medical imaging AI applications has totalled more than $2.6 billion since 2014. Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, almost a quarter of the total funding ($592.3 million) was raised last year (2020) alone, and most of this investment was raised by companies from China.

Signify Premium Insight: Fujifilm and Hitachi – The Pieces of a Puzzle

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March 4th 2021 – Fujifilm has announced that its acquisition of Hitachi’s imaging division is set to close at the end of March. This Insight looks at what Fujifilm is actually getting, and how it might help its strategy going forward.

EHR Q4 2020 Financials Highlight Mixed Regional Trends in 2020

4th March 2021 – With Q4 2020 revenue data now published for several leading EHR vendors, Signify Research compares its 2020 estimates versus these public financials.