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Signify Premium Insight: AI’s Route to Reimbursement

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July 21st 2023 – A new Category III CPT code has been awarded to icometrix’ MRI brain quantification solution. The move doesn’t mean the solution will be reimbursed, but, this is something that could change.

SPI Digital Health: All Aboard the Aledade Acquisition Train!

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20th July 2023 – Armed with another $260M in funding, Aledade is again on the acquisition trail, with data analytics likely to be the focus of its attentions. But could next year’s launch of the US Making Care Primary model be an unwelcome distraction?

How to Invest for Success in Digital Pathology’s AI Ecosystem. Part Two.

24th July 2023 – Digital Pathology’s ecosystem will not support its AI vendors indefinitely. So how should investors and partners differentiate between players in today’s market? There is an abundance of vendors currently developing their own products in the AI ecosystem for digital pathology (DP), and as I detailed in a previous article the market is simply not ready to sustain every vendor in operation indefinitely.

Signify Premium Insight: Caution and Confidence – A Mixed Outlook for AI

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July 18th 2023 – In the latest edition of its AI Vendor Sentiment Index, Signify Research found a shifting landscape, in which the most confident vendors of the past have become more cautious while some of those traditionally more conservative have become more bullish. The question is, why?

SPI Digital Health: NHS to Go Again with New £1B Framework to Break EMIS/TPP Duopoly

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18th July 2023 – Next month, NHS England will launch a new £1B IT procurement framework for GP and primary care practice services. But will the new framework do what its predecessor couldn’t and deliver on NHS goals to boost competition?