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China – The Market Maker for AI in Medical Imaging?

With China’s Internet giants entering the field of healthcare AI and a growing number of Chinese medical imaging AI start-ups, is China poised to become a leading global player for medical imaging AI?

Cone-Beam Technology in Medical Imaging

Cone-beam technology is emerging into the world of medical imaging; this insight highlights the different clinical applications the technology is currently used in, as well as how we talk about the technology.

Use Cases for Machine Learning in X-Ray

Several companies have announced machine learning tools for use in GenRad applications. These range from CAD systems to help radiologists perform automated screening of chest x-rays, to bone suppression software that aids anomaly identification. But will HC providers see a need for them and are they prepared to pay for them?

More Money Pours into Medical Imaging AI Startups

Q2 was a record quarter for investment in medical imaging AI startups. Our analysis shows the funding and investment trends over the last 4 years, with funding details for over 50 start-ups that are developing machine learning solutions for medical imaging.

TeraRecon Acquires Machine Learning Platform Developer McCoy Medical

TeraRecon has announced their acquisition of a majority share in McCoy Medical Technologies; here is our analysis of likely outcomes and what it could mean for imaging IT.