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Why GE Won’t Sell Its Health IT Business

Despite the market rumours, we see little benefit in new CEO John Flannery getting rid of GE’s health IT business. Here’s our view as to why refocusing on clinical IT is a better bet.

Are the Good Times Over for Compact Ultrasound?

Our take on why the growth rate for the compact ultrasound market is slowing down

Avizia’s Acquisition of Carena – The Signify View

Signify Research’s take on telehealth platform and hardware supplier Avizia’s acquisition of virtual care provider Carena.

Cybersecurity: A Time Bomb for European Radiology

Five months on from the crippling impact of the WannaCry cyberattack that affected one-fifth of U.K. hospitals and many other health providers across Europe, let’s revisit the crucial topic of cybersecurity.

Medecision Acquires AxisPoint Health’s Platform Clients

Signify Research’s take on Medecision’s acquisition of AxisPoint Health’s AXIS platform and customers, and what this means for both companies.