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VNA Market Growth Will Be Fuelled by Enterprise Imaging

We dig into the impact of Enterprise Imaging adoption is having on future demand for VNA, and the wider repercussions for clinical content management.

Diversification in the Global X-ray Market

In light of a nearly-saturated digital radiography market and declining product prices; what are manufacturers doing to maintain their margins? Diversification is the key to challenge commoditisation.

PHM Opportunities Outside the US

With the US PHM market starting to approach maturity, where are the opportunities for vendors to expand their footprint internationally?

The Signify View: Agfa To Separate Healthcare IT Business?

Our analysis of AGFA’s potential Healthcare IT spin-off including an analysis of their recent performance and the potential outcomes.

China – The Market Maker for AI in Medical Imaging?

With China’s Internet giants entering the field of healthcare AI and a growing number of Chinese medical imaging AI start-ups, is China poised to become a leading global player for medical imaging AI?