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PHM Growth Slows Down in 1H 2017

Signify Research will publish its Q2 2017 North American PHM market report in the coming weeks. A key question is the extent to which uncertainly around US health legislation reform has impacted the market.

Is Enterprise Imaging on a Slow Road to Mediocrity?

The evolution of the imaging IT market over the past decade has been messy. Previously clear definitions for PACS and RIS have been blurred, and many people have struggled to keep up.

3 Things European Radiology IT Needs To Get Right

Steve’s latest AuntMinnie Europe article: Technological innovation has changed almost every aspect of society, yet for the most part there has been no change in European Radiology IT.

Philips Acquires TOMTEC – The Signify View

What does this flurry of spending say about Philips’ strategy and its’ impact on the wider market? Here’s our analysis of the likely outcomes of the deal and what is next for Philips.

Traversing Telehealth’s Acuity Pyramid

In June 2017 Teladoc announced it would acquire Best Doctors. This represented the latest development in a wider trend across the telehealth industry of platform vendors and service providers expanding their coverage to different levels of the acuity pyramid.