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SPI Digital Health: NHS to Go Again with New £1B Framework to Break EMIS/TPP Duopoly

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18th July 2023 – Next month, NHS England will launch a new £1B IT procurement framework for GP and primary care practice services. But will the new framework do what its predecessor couldn’t and deliver on NHS goals to boost competition?

Fixed Digital Radiography Systems Market Set to Reach $1.3 Billion in 2023

18th July 2023 – In this insight we discuss the key trends we identified in the 2023 edition of our General Radiography and Fluoroscopy report.

Signify Premium Insight: RadNet Hopes to Make AI Pay

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July 13th 2023 – While AI offers many opportunities to improve healthcare, the question of who will fund it has always proved a barrier. RadNet believes it may have found a solution.

SPI Digital Health: With Cash Injection, Hicuity Health Nurses Fresh Ambitions Beyond TeleICU

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13th July 2023 – Hicuity Health will use a new cash injection to bolster its virtual nursing and tele-observation services. But can the US market-leading high acuity service provider fend off a rising challenge from flexible, creative teleICU vendors?

Signify Premium Insight: The Progress Made and the Persistent Problems in AI

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July 11th 2023 – As detailed in Signify Research’s recently released AI In Medical Imaging report, the AI market is enjoying a period of rapid growth. But, as the report’s authors, Dr Sanjay Parekh and Ellie Baker point out, vendors still face challenges in capitalising on this growth.