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Partnerships are King for Machine Learning in Radiology

Medical image analysis companies are forging strategic partnerships with health providers to collaborate on machine learning projects. However, more partnerships are needed to accelerate the uptake of machine learning in radiology. Our analysis of the current state of play and who is partnering with who.

Investment Analysis for Diagnostic Ultrasound Companies

Since 2010, 29 diagnostic ultrasound companies have secured external capital funding. Combined, these companies have raised $560 million in venture and private equity funding.

Target Applications for Machine Learning in Medical Imaging

Breast imaging and cardiology are the two largest markets but pulmonology and neurology are set for strong growth in the coming years.

How to Sell Machine Learning Algorithms to Healthcare Providers

What are the most effective routes to market for companies who develop machine learning algorithms? Here is an analysis of the pros and cons of five approaches as viewed through the lens of algorithm developers.

Deep Learning in Ultrasound – Ready to be Embedded?

This is currently only available in select companies premium range but will it become more widespread in such a fiercely contended and price competitive market?