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Signify Premium Insight: The Shape of Things to Come in Medical Imaging IT

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5th August 2021 – In this Premium Insight, co-author of Signify Research’s Imaging IT Core Report, Amy Thompson details some of her report’s findings.

Imaging IT Market Only Down 0.2% Despite COVID-19

05th August 2021 – The imaging IT market has emerged from the pandemic relatively unscathed with vendors mitigating the loss of new business opportunities for core platforms with ‘add-ons’ for existing customers such as home reporting, image exchange and universal viewers

Signify Premium Insight: The Race for Reimbursement

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August 3rd, 2021 – Last month several CPT codes were announced which represent another step along AI’s road to reimbursement. This Premium Insight assesses their impact.

Signify Premium Insight: Exo Secures $220m in Series C Funding

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29th July 2021 – Handheld ultrasound vendor Exo has secured $220m in series C funding. The start-up will use the money to commercialise its technology. However, with the handheld ultrasound market becoming increasingly crowded, what can Exo do to differentiate itself?

Signify Premium Insight: Canon’s Vital Changes

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27th July 2021 – Canon Medical Systems intends to strengthen its healthcare IT division, and has announced a new operational plan that it hopes will enable it to better battle its entrenched competitors. This Premium Insight assesses the vendor’s prospects in light of the changes.