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Medical Imaging AI Market Forecasted to Surpass $1.7 Billion by 2027

11th July 2023- The medical imaging AI market was estimated at $576 million in 2022, an increase of more than $75 million compared to Signify Research’s 2021 report. The market is forecast to soar and reach more than $1.73 billion by 2027, with a growth rate of 25% across the forecast period.

Dedalus & Oracle Cerner Occupy Top Spot for 2022 EHR Revenues in EMEA

10th July 2023 – The EMEA market is still fragmented with many vendors very focused on one country/sub-region (e.g., TietoEvry, SystemC, Chipsoft) still featuring high in terms of share. However, several pan-EMEA vendors now occupy high positions notably the top three positions in terms of rank.

Signify Premium Insight: The NHS Looks to Foster AI Care with Capital Injections

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July 6th 2023 – The UK’s NHS now has access to a £21m fund to facilitate adoption of AI within the health service. The funding sensibly focuses on several health burdens such as stroke, cancer and cardiac care, but is the money enough to make a significant difference to patients?

SPI Digital Health: MCP Primed to Bring Rural US Practices into VBC’s Warm Embrace

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6th July 2023 – The Making Care Primary (MCP) model has many of the ingredients necessary to bring small, rural US primary care practices into VBC’s warm embrace. But there are still challenges to address before the 1 July 2024 launch.

Why Digital Pathology’s Ecosystem Won’t Support AI Start-Ups Forever. Part One.

6th July 2023 – Whilst growth in the overall digital pathology AI market is set to scale quickly, cannibalisation and consolidation are expected to create headwinds for individual AI vendors. How do investors know where their money is safest? The recent abundance of digital pathology (DP) media coverage can make it hard to remember that not too long ago, this was a market perpetually ‘lagging’ versus other digital healthcare sectors.