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Key Observations from ECR 2017

Our observations from walking the exhibition floor at this year’s ECR conference in Vienna. 1 – Is Radiology Losing its Grip on Imaging IT Decision-Making? 2 – Is Deep Learning Ready to be Embedded in Ultrasound Scanners? 3 – Canon’s Acquisition of Toshiba, Vital and Olea.

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: A $300M Market by 2021

Deep learning will increasingly be used in the interpretation of medical images to address many long-standing industry challenges. This will lead to a $300 million market by 2021. Our take on the market drivers and the barriers to growth.

Machine Learning in Radiology Targets Efficiency

Whilst Artificial Intelligence is unlikely to replace radiologists soon, a new breed of machine learning-based software applications is poised to take many tedious, repetitive & time-consuming tasks.

Quantitative Imaging Market to Exceed $500M in 2021

Machine learning is enabling radiology to evolve from a largely descriptive field to a more quantitative discipline. Our analysis of the emerging market for quantitative imaging tools, decision support tools and computer aided diagnosis systems.

Machine Learning in Radiology – Vendors Must Prove The ROI

Whilst enthusiasm for machine learning is certainly justified, it inevitably raises expectations, potentially to unrealistic levels. To counter this, machine learning companies must clearly articulate the value proposition of their solutions and demonstrate a clear return on investment (ROI) to healthcare providers.