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Advanced Visualisation in Medical Imaging: A $1.3B Market in Transition

2nd August, 2018 – We address the big question for the advanced visualisation (AV) industry today – will convergence between AV and universal viewers (UV) occur? And if so, which vendors will win?

GE to Spin-Off Healthcare: The Signify View

12th July, 2018 – After months of uncertainty, GE announced it will separate its healthcare business into a stand-alone entity as part of a massive restructuring plan. Here’ our view of the deal, what it means, and what lies ahead.

PHM Market Takes a Hit in 2017, but Double-Digit Growth to Return in 2018

11th July, 2018 – Part one of two in a series of analyst insights looking into key findings and takeaways from our recently published PHM NA 2018 report. This week, we dive into our top-level market trends and forecasts as market growth fell below 10% YoY in 2017 for the first time.

Digital X-ray Goes Retro and Mobile in Europe

3rd July, 2018 – Although the European general radiography market is now largely saturated, there are still opportunities for growth. Our analysis highlights the products and countries with the best prospects.

SIIM 2018 – Universal Viewing Vendors Target PACS Battleground

21st June, 2018 – This year’s SIIM in National Harbor testified the current focus of universal viewing companies: workflow, in order to compete with PACS and put the viewer at the centre of enterprise imaging solutions.