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Investment in Medical Imaging AI Companies Tops $500 Million

21st June, 2018 – Capital investment in companies developing AI solutions for medical imaging is shifting from early-stage to late-stage funding. Our analysis reveals the latest deals and discusses the investment trends.

Caradigm Sale – The Final Step in GE’s Exit From PHM/Value-based Care

21st June, 2018 – The sale of Caradigm marks the final step in GE’s exit from the PHM and value-based care market. Here’s our take on what the future holds for Caradigm and whether we’re likely to see more offloading from GE.

Positive Outlook for Digital Radiography Market in 2018, But Will it Last?

31st May, 2018 – In most mature markets, the transition to DR is nearly complete and growth is set to slow to a near standstill. Where are the remaining growth opportunities, and how can vendors adapt to a market environment of slowing growth and increasing competition?

Is Germany Really Ready for PHM?

31st May, 2018 – After leaving the ICIC in the Netherlands last week it almost feels as if the shift towards value-based care is just around the corner. But just how far off is Europe’s largest healthcare spender?

Sectra Growth: The Super-Trouper of Imaging IT?

31st May, 20187 – Despite being relatively small Sectra is experiencing a purple patch, winning new customers and driving solid financial performance. We dig into the strategy behind this success and what could be next for the Swedish firm.