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Why Telehealth Won’t be a $20 Billion Market in 2022

17th April, 2018 – Telehealth has now permeated the majority of healthcare settings. Here’s our analysis of the size of the future market in primary, acute and post-acute care settings.

Interoperability: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing at HIMSS18

22nd March, 2018 – Interoperability in healthcare IT was a big issue at HIMSS18 this year; yet many industry vendors are well behind. Here’s our view of the important steps vendors should be taking on interoperability – and why it is so important.

AI and SDOH to Revolutionise Healthcare Prediction

21st March, 2018 – Our take on how AI and Social Determinants of Health are going to impact risk stratification, analytics and PHM

Partnerships Enabling Enterprise Telehealth – HIMSS18

21st March, 2018 – Partnerships were king for telehealth vendors at HIMSS this year. The reason? The increasing importance of being able to offer enterprise scale telehealth solutions. Here’s our take.

Signify Research Analyst Insights from ECR Today 2018

14th March, 2018 – As well as attending the ECR show in Vienna, Signify Research analysts also provided a daily column for the Congress Newspaper – ECR Today. Click here to read our articles.