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Boston Imaging Segments its Ultrasound Division – United They Stand, Divided They Conquer?

7th March 2023- Boston Imaging, the US headquarters for sales, marketing, and distribution of all Samsung Medison’s digital radiography and ultrasound systems, has experienced a flurry of changes in the last year. The company rebranded in February 2022, previously known as Samsung Neurologica. This rebranding only impacted the ultrasound and digital radiology divisions and was not extended to CT.

Sustainability in clinical care – how is anaesthesia care making a leap forward to help protect the planet?

2nd March 2022 – In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent warnings our damaged earth has sent to us through global warming related events, the topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important. Healthcare manufacturers have started to take note of the impact they can have on the environment and opportunities to create a more sustainable future through product innovations.

Signify Premium Insight: Riding out the Storm: Amwell and Teladoc Financials Q4/FY2022

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2nd March 2023 – As Amwell and Teladoc post healthy increases in Q4 and full-year 2022 revenues, both are still striving to find the magic formula to curb mounting losses.

Signify Premium Insight: Meeting Expectations – Mindray’s Handheld Hopes

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March 3rd 2023 – The handheld market, one of ultrasound’s fastest-growing segments, has become a little more crowded, with Mindray and its TE Air, also joining the fray. But, has the Chinese vendor done enough to stand out in an increasingly competitive market?

Digital Pathology Investment Matures, VCs Get Selective

01st March 2023 – Investment for companies developing digital pathology solutions has spiked to more than $1.7Bn since 2014, with 42.4% of this total funding ($741.8M) raised during 2021. Download our complimentary report here.