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Signify Premium Insight: Big Deals and Long-Term Thinking; The Sectra Approach

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September 13th 2023 – Sectra recently announced it has secured a 10-year, $227m deal with an unnamed provider in the US. Such a deal brings in significant revenue and offers some surety for the coming years, but, this approach is not without its risks and could leave Sectra questioning whether bigger is always better.

SPI Digital Health: Inflation and Staffing Crisis Still Dominate Narrative but Vendors Responding

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12th September 2023 – After the relative lull of summer, providers and vendors are plotting a path forward into the back end of 2023. Painfully familiar challenges – high operating costs and manpower shortages – remain, but vendors are responding.

SPI Digital Health: Innovaccer Takes Gen AI Conversation Forward as Chasing Pack Finds its Voice

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7th September 2023 – Elements of Innovaccer’s Sara for Healthcare AI automation suite promise to be truly transformative for population health management. But the vendor is not alone in the gen AI ‘gold rush’.

Signify Premium Insight: The Opportunity in Ultrasound

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September 7th 2023 – Opportunities are rife in the ultrasound market, but as the author of Signify Research’s Ultrasound Equipment World – 2023 report, Senior Market Analyst Mustafa Hassan highlights, capitalising on them is another matter entirely.

Routes to Market for RPM Platform Vendors

Cranfield, UK, 06/09/23 –  The global Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) market is characterized by its fragmented nature, both in international and regional terms. Distinct characteristics emerging from various healthcare system structures have contributed to the development of an RPM ecosystem of platform vendors comprising broad variations in origin and strategy. This has impacted both how […]