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Philips Acquires Forcare – The Signify View

Our take of the recent Philips acquisition of interoperability specialist Forcare – signalling Philips intent to win large regional clinical informatics deals, yet admitting its interoperability shortcomings challenges to date.

X-ray at RSNA – Innovation Highlights in Genrad and Fluoroscopy

Technology differentiators were key to standing out in the crowded conference halls of RSNA. Signify Research highlight some of the new offerings from the x-ray vendors.

Record Year for Investment in Medical Imaging AI Companies

2017 is a record year for investment in medical imaging AI companies. Our analysis shows who has received the funding and the investment trends.

Why GE Won’t Sell Its Health IT Business

Despite the market rumours, we see little benefit in new CEO John Flannery getting rid of GE’s health IT business. Here’s our view as to why refocusing on clinical IT is a better bet.

Are the Good Times Over for Compact Ultrasound?

Our take on why the growth rate for the compact ultrasound market is slowing down