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GE Healthcare IT Sell-Off: The First Cut Is The Deepest?

17th April, 2018 – As GE announces sale of its $1.05B ambulatory practice management IT division, we provide our analysis of the deal and what this signals for the rest of the GE Healthcare business.

Why Telehealth Won’t be a $20 Billion Market in 2022

17th April, 2018 – Telehealth has now permeated the majority of healthcare settings. Here’s our analysis of the size of the future market in primary, acute and post-acute care settings.

Interoperability: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing at HIMSS18

22nd March, 2018 – Interoperability in healthcare IT was a big issue at HIMSS18 this year; yet many industry vendors are well behind. Here’s our view of the important steps vendors should be taking on interoperability – and why it is so important.

AI and SDOH to Revolutionise Healthcare Prediction

21st March, 2018 – Our take on how AI and Social Determinants of Health are going to impact risk stratification, analytics and PHM

Partnerships Enabling Enterprise Telehealth – HIMSS18

21st March, 2018 – Partnerships were king for telehealth vendors at HIMSS this year. The reason? The increasing importance of being able to offer enterprise scale telehealth solutions. Here’s our take.