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The Next Frontier – Medical Imaging AI in the Age of Edge Computing

9th May, 2018 – Edge computing is being heralded as the next major revolution in computing. But how will it impact medical imaging and the uptake of AI?

American Well and InTouch Health go Shopping at ATA

9th May, 2018 – ATA 2018 in Chicago saw a number of announcements relating to M&A activity. Here’s our analysis of American Well’s acquisition of Avizia and InTouch Health’s acquisition of Reach Health.

Analogic Sold to Altaris

17th April, 2018 – We dig into the sale and provide our view on the deal, the challenges of the past and what lies ahead for the ultrasound and medical imaging market.

GE Healthcare IT Sell-Off: The First Cut Is The Deepest?

17th April, 2018 – As GE announces sale of its $1.05B ambulatory practice management IT division, we provide our analysis of the deal and what this signals for the rest of the GE Healthcare business.

Why Telehealth Won’t be a $20 Billion Market in 2022

17th April, 2018 – Telehealth has now permeated the majority of healthcare settings. Here’s our analysis of the size of the future market in primary, acute and post-acute care settings.