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SPI Digital Health: As Doccla Goes Global, OTH Deal is a Marriage of Convenience

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24th August 2023 – The success of virtual ward platform vendor Doccla’s international expansion plans will depend on much more than its recent acquisition of RPM platform vendor OpenTeleHealth (OTH).

SPI Digital Health: Turbulent Waters in the Rivers of Babylon

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23rd August 2023 – On the brink of bankruptcy, Babylon Health has called time on its loss-making US operations. But, from the smouldering embers of a crumbling empire, creditors AlbaCore Capital hope to salvage something from its UK business.

Sigify Premium Insight: The Cloud’s Formed, but Still no Rain

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August 22nd 2023 – The use of public cloud in medical imaging is increasing. But as more providers consider adopting the technology, more barriers, limitations and challenges must be confronted.

Signify Premium Insight: A Major Problem, but a Significant Opportunity

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August 18th 2023 – GE HealthCare’s recent financial results highlighted the opportunity that Alzheimer’s care offers the vendor. But, what can the American vendor, as well as its peers Siemens Healthineers and Philips expect to stem from new treatments for the condition.

SPI Digital Health: As Optum’s EMIS Deal Looms, First Databank Takes its Last Stand

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18th August 2023 – The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will issue its final report into Optum’s proposed £1.2B acquisition of EHR vendor EMIS on 5 October. Medicines optimisation tool vendors stand to lose the most from the deal.