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Signify Premium Insight: Opportunities in Independence for iCAD and Google

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September 19th 2023 – iCAD and Google have expanded their partnership. The move will enable the AI vendor to leverage the big tech firm’s mammography solution as it looks to Europe, and the opportunity to act as a second reader in screening programmes.

How to Integrate AI into Digital Pathology

The clinical digital pathology (DP) market is now taking off, with a flood of new adopters expected over the next few years. Pathology departments face many challenges as they embrace this change, from sequestering additional budgets to altering workflows to accommodate new technologies. So many changes must be considered with this transition that often there […]

World Ultrasound Market to Return to Growth in 2023

Mustafa Hassan, Senior Market Analyst, 18th September 2023 – The ultrasound market is forecast to recover in 2023 from the supply chain and macroeconomic issues that impacted the market in 2022. Vendors now have better control of their supply chains and are starting to address their order backlogs. The recovery will be boosted by new […]

Signify Premium Insight: The Questions that are Big in Japan

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September 15th 2023 – Japanese vendors Fujifilm and Canon could find themselves in an increasingly difficult position as the sands of the medical imaging markets shift. Fortunately for them, however, there are still opportunities waiting to be leveraged.

SPI Digital Health: Google Cloud Gets a Sense of Huma

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14th September 2023 – Huma Therapeutics has entered into a generative AI collaboration with Google Cloud. As well as addressing provider capacity constraints and staff shortages, can the tie-up inject life into the RPM vendor’s revenues?