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The Coming of Advanced Visualisation Inc.

RSNA testified that radiology and imaging is becoming increasingly integrated into the wider healthcare provider organisation, but where does this leave Advanced Visualisation?

Enterprise Imaging Becomes Reality as Battle for Clinical IT Supremacy Begins

Two themes were compelling for imaging IT at RSNA this year; enterprise imaging is fast becoming a reality and broader clinical IT is the new battle ground for top vendors.

AI at RSNA – What a Difference a Year Makes

It was hard to avoid AI at this year’s RSNA, but how much progress has been made since last year’s meeting and what challenges remain?

Philips Acquires Forcare – The Signify View

Our take of the recent Philips acquisition of interoperability specialist Forcare – signalling Philips intent to win large regional clinical informatics deals, yet admitting its interoperability shortcomings challenges to date.

X-ray at RSNA – Innovation Highlights in Genrad and Fluoroscopy

Technology differentiators were key to standing out in the crowded conference halls of RSNA. Signify Research highlight some of the new offerings from the x-ray vendors.