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Signify Premium Insight: United Imaging: Self-Awareness and Strategic Dilemmas

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May 18th 2023 – United Imaging has released its first annual report since listing as a public company. The vendor enjoyed solid growth, but the report also revealed difficult strategic decisions.

SPI Digital Health: Telehealth Vendor Financials Q1 2023

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18th May 2023 – Amwell and Teladoc’s Q1 2023 quarterly revenues continue to underwhelm, and bringing new customers on board is proving hard. Will selling more solutions to existing customers be the ticket to growth going forward?

Signify Premium Insight: Philips Acquires the Means to Make a Statement

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May 16th 2023 – Philips has acquired ultrasound AI vendor DiA Imaging Analysis. The move makes clear the Dutch vendor’s priorities, while DiA is also set to gain.

SPI Digital Health: The Hanging Questions of Babylon

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16 May 2023 – The future of Babylon Health, which will go back into private ownership next month, depends largely on cutting the costs of care provision. But, as net losses widen, debts mount and shares crash, time is not on its side.

What VBC Providers Demand from their IT

16th May 2023 – Value-based care (VBC) is a healthcare delivery model that differs from traditional fee-for-service because rather than compensating providers based on the number of services provided, it ties the amount providers earn to the results they deliver for their patients.