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Signify Premium Insight: InterSystems and the great PHM cultural shift

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1 November 2022 – Data technology provider InterSystems recently secured two contracts which reinforce its position as a top three vendor in the UK’s ICS network. The deals raise questions on which direction the UK PHM market is heading, how fast and where the likes of InterSystems fit in. 

Signify Premium Insight: Accounting for Improved AI

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28th October 2022 – One of the barriers to greater adoption of medical imaging AI solutions is a lack of evidence of a return on investment. Perspectum has tried to change this with a study that could have wider ramifications.

Signify Premium Insight: Double Trouble For Oracle Cerner

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24th October – Any anticipated boost to Cerner’s financial performance from its recent $23.8bn acquisition by Oracle have yet to materialise.

Signify Premium Insight: Google Searches for Imaging Success

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26th October 2022 – Google has announced its most high-profile push into medical imaging yet, with the launch of its Medical Imaging Suite. It’s a big step for Google, but will it worry any of its Big Tech rivals?

What Did PathVisions22 Reveal About the Future of Digital Pathology?

Imogen Fitt, Signify Research Market Analyst, discusses her observations about the future of the Digital Pathology market after attending the Digital Pathology Association’s annual conference in October 2022.