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Signify Premium Insight: What Providers Want – Keeping Demand for CT Systems High

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4th October 2022 – The CT market was among those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. In this Premium Insight, Research Manager Bhvita Jani, explains how the market has changed since, and outlines opportunities for the future.

Contextflow Reveals its Hand

04th October 2022 – Many companies have developed AI algorithms to detect lung nodules from CT or X-ray images. But few have dedicated their efforts to creating a solution that addresses multiple aspects of the lung cancer screening pathway. For this reason, AI has yet to play a strong role within lung screening. Optellum, is one such vendor that has looked to defy these norms.

Signify Premium Insight: Sectra Believes Future Success Lies in its Genes

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29th September 2022 – Sectra has launched an initiative to integrate genomics into its enterprise imaging platform. The project is in its nascency, but, will it one day help to realise precision medicine’s promise?

Signify Premium Insight: Risk and Reward – The Maturation of Medical Imaging AI

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27th September 2022 – has secured UD-FDA approval for its RV/LV ratio solution. A tool that continues Viz’s moves beyond stroke care, and AI’s progression beyond image analysis.

Signify Premium Insight: Philips Takes Spectral CT to the Heart of the Matter

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23rd September 2023 – Philips has chosen to utilise its spectral CT technology in an interventional setting, resulting in the launch of its spectral CT angiography system.