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Top 5 Predictions Signify Premium Insights Expect at DMEA2023 – Infographic

17th April 2023 – For many years the annual DMEA meeting was very much a German affair; however, the show has become Europe’s leading pan-continent digital health IT conference and exhibition. Whilst the agenda at DMEA2023 will still have a German bias, issues discussed, and products showcased, increasingly impact healthcare IT development across Europe. Here’s our take on the leading themes.  

Signify Premium Insight: Clear! HeartFlow Funding Kickstarts Vendor’s Next Phase

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April 14th 2023 – After a spectacular rise culminated in a humiliating retreat from an IPO, heart health AI vendor HeartFlow is back in the headlines with a fresh funding round. While the fresh funding round shows the vendor’s resilience, will it be enough for long-term success?

SPI Digital Health: Epic and the Art of Keeping things Simple

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14th April 2023 – As much as a recent EHR contract with Northwell Health in New York is another feather in Epic’s cap, it is also another blow for vendors clinging to its coat tails. Can they respond to tilt the balance of power?

Top 5 Predictions Signify Premium Insights Expect at HIMSS 2023 – Infographic

13th April 2023. Health that Connects + Tech that Cares’ are the two overarching themes of this year’s HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition, being held in Chicago from 17 to 21 April. These subject areas feel apt for an industry at a post-COVID watershed.

Signify Premium Insight: AI Vendors Seeking Approval

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April 12th 2023 – Signify Research’s Regulatory Product Matrix assesses trends in the regulatory approvals of AI solutions across the world. This Insight reveals some of the most important developments.