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Signify Premium Insight: US-FDA’s Standardised Appeal

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April 6th 2023 – The US-FDA has updated the Mammography Quality Standards Act which means that from September 2024, providers will be obliged to notify women if they have dense breasts, as well as standardising density reporting. But, do such rules represent a broader opportunity for AI.

SPI Digital Health: HIMSS23: Signify Research’s Top Five Show Predictions

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April 6th 2023 – ‘Health that Connects + Tech that Cares’ are the two overarching themes of this year’s HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition, being held in Chicago from 17 to 21 April. Appropriate topics for an industry facing a post-COVID watershed.

Signify Premium Insight: Just Because You’re Paranoid… Confidence and Competence in Medical Imaging AI

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April 4th 2023 – There is often a fine line between confidence and delusion. Medical imaging AI vendors are certainly feeling confident at present, but some should also be wary of the latter.

Signify Premium Insight: From ‘Base Camp’, Nuance Readies for Assault on Fully Ambient Solution Peak

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April 4th 2023 – The journey towards fully-ambient voice dictation will take another step forward when Nuance’s AI-automated clinical documentation app hits the market. Is this the moment when the hype around voice dictation is finally justified?

AliveCor Vs Apple Battle Continues

3rd April 2023 – The use of wearable technology in healthcare is continuing to evolve with high interest, driving technology innovation and advancing solutions to enable clinical grade measurements to support patient care in the home. This is becoming prominent more so than ever in the field of diagnostic cardiology, where there is a convergence of smart watches and fitness bands with more traditional diagnostic solutions.