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Signify Premium Insight: Screening Could Start Sooner Under USPSTF Guidelines

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June 7th 2023 – Last month the USPSTF revised its guidance to recommend that the age at which women in the US start mammography screening should be lowered from 50 to 40. The move could help some women, but can vendors help the additional demand to be met?

Key Trends at AACN NTI 2023

The annual American Association of Critical Care Nursing (AACN) NTI conference was a hive of activity attended by an array of clinicians, nurses, product specialists and leading vendors in clinical care. Digitalisation, analytics, and methods…

Key trends seen at ATS 2023

The American Thoracic Society recently held its annual conference in the US capital of Washington city. The event saw a hustle and bustle of healthcare professionals in the field of respiratory and sleep medicine exploring new clinical trends and product innovation.

SPI Digital Health: Luma’s MEDITECH Integration Primed for Success, but Will Need Time and Patients

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6 June 2023 – Patient engagement platform developer Luma Health’s recent move to join the MEDITECH Alliance programme is a positive step. But what does it say about the EHR vendor’s wider integration and partnership strategy?

Abundant Opportunities for Growth in the Imaging IT Market

As the global pandemic fades into the periphery, investment was in full swing across many global markets, exemplified by the total imaging IT market growing to $5.2bn in 2022.