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Signify Premium Insight: GE’s Delicate Dance at the Chinese Communist Party

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21st March 2023 – GE Healthcare is bolstering its efforts in China with a continuation of its partnership with state-owned Chinese medical device firm, Sinopharm. Such a move comes with risks, but it also offers significant rewards.

SPI Premium Insight: Spacelabs Targets Hospital Cost Concerns with PeraHealth Acquisition

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21st March 2023 – Monitoring device vendor Spacelabs Healthcare’s acquisition of predictive analytics firm PeraHealth comes as hospitals seek to reduce the time patients spend in high-cost settings like the ICU.

Signify Premium Insight: Walmart Health’s Growth Shows Store is Serious About Retail Therapy

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March 17th 2023 – Walmart has announced plans to double the number of US health centres it offers over the next two years. Such expansion highlights the demand for the centres, but how can vendors best capitalise on the growth?

Signify Premium Insight: Ambience Enters AI Medical Scribe Market, but Unlikely to Dislodge Nuance or 3M

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16th March 2023 – If it is to succeed, a new fully-automated, AI-powered medical scribe tool from developer Ambience will need to break down lingering barriers to dictation and speech recognition software adoption.  

Signify Premium Insight: Providers Prepared to Back the Right Horse at ECR 2023

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March 15th 2023 – Early this month as the European Congress of Radiology got underway in Vienna, medical imaging vendors were keen to show providers how they could make a difference to the challenges they are facing today.