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SPI Digital Health: Western Australia and Tasmania Begin their State-Wide EMR Journeys

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25th May 2023 – As Tasmania and Western Australia embark on plans to implement state-wide EMRs, is this an opportunity for a home-grown vendor to make its first foray in this space?

Signify Premium Insight: Ultromics’ AI Heart Breakthrough

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May 23rd 2023 – Ultromics has been granted Breakthrough Device Status for its artificial intelligence platform for cardiac amyloidosis detection. It could herald a lucrative move for the vendor, but it could also have a wider impact.

SPI Digital Health: EHR Vendor Financials Q1 2023

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23rd May 2023 – Q1 2023 results show how Germany Hospital Futures Act contracts are finally filtering into vendor revenues. Meanwhile, in the US, the revenue rift between tier-1 vendors and the long tail of smaller players widens further.

How Should Technology Vendors Help Steer the Digital Pathology Revolution?

22nd May 2023 – Digital pathology (DP) adoption is continuing to scale dramatically, with the global market reporting growth of 37.3%, 31.4% and 27.3% over the last three consecutive years. Such growth is, however, relatively new to a market which has been around for decades and only recently started to accelerate in both research and clinical domains.

Signify Premium Insight: United Imaging: Self-Awareness and Strategic Dilemmas

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May 18th 2023 – United Imaging has released its first annual report since listing as a public company. The vendor enjoyed solid growth, but the report also revealed difficult strategic decisions.