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Ultrasound at ECR 2018: Vendors Focus on Workflow Efficiency Rather Than Clinical Innovation

Our take on the ultrasound product announcements at ECR 2018 and their likely impact on the market.

Virtual Reality Becoming Reality?

Recent developments have given new life and attention to virtual reality, enabling it to spread to other industries. But how hard will the move into healthcare be?

Will AI in Medical Imaging ‘Cross the Chasm’?

Will AI solutions for medical imaging transition to the mainstream, or “fall in the chasm”?

The Rise of Enterprise-scale, Platform-centric Telehealth

Our analysis of telehealth’s transformation from a hardware-centric to platform-centric market, driven by provider roll-out scaling from pilots and departmental initiatives to wider enterprise-wide deployments.

Fate of the Four: Why 2018 will be Landmark Year for GE, Siemens, Canon and Philips

The competitive landscape for global healthtech is mired in uncertainty, with three of the “big four” undergoing radical change. We provide our assessment of their fate and look ahead to a volatile market in 2018 and beyond.