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Signify View: Philips Qualcomm Deal

Earlier this week, Philips Healthcare and Qualcomm Life Inc. announced a strategic deal to leverage components of each firms’ product offerings. Particularly around Qualcomm Life’s 2Net platform.

Deconstructed PACS – It’s not all bad news

Next time an enterprise IT vendor asks you if you want to deconstruct your PACS, interface your workflow, free your data and enable enterprise interoperability, it might be worth pausing.

Our Experts Discuss the Key Market Impacts of the Latest MACRA Regulation for HealthTech

Our experts discuss the key market impacts of the latest MACRA regulation for HealthTech and how this change will shape the future direction of Healthcare Technology in the US.

Signify View: McKesson IT sell-off

Digging into the McKesson Healthcare spin-off – what does this mean for the Healthcare IT sector?

Signify View: Impact of Brexit on HealthTech

UK exit from the European Union will have far-ranging consequences for the HealthTech industry