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Lung Cancer Screening Set to Reshape the CT Market, But Which Vendor Will Come Out on Top?

15th May 2023- Despite declining tobacco use, lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer mortality globally, often evading detection until advanced stages. It is unsurprising, then, that interest in targeted lung screening (LCS) programmes has risen markedly in recent decades.

Signify Premium Insight: Private Equity Firm Sets Sights on Teleradiology

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May 12th 2023 – UK teleradiology firm Medica is set to be acquired by private equity group IK Investment Partners. The move makes sense for the acquirers, with teleradiology a growing market, but what other potential does the deal hold?

SPI Digital Health: Can New £150M NHS Framework be RPM’s Golden Ticket in England?

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12th May 2023 – The NHS Technology Enabled Care Services 2 framework includes plans to boost virtual ward capacity in England by 500%. But can it finally release the shackles on the remote patient monitoring market?

GE HealthCare Gains FDA Approval for CARESCAPE Canvas

1th May 2023 – In April 2023, GE HealthCare announced that it received FDA approval for its CARESCAPE Canvas patient monitoring platform. CARESCAPE Canvas has been approved for use in the EU since June 2022, and was a focus product at ESICM in October 2022. GE HealthCare claims ‘CARESCAPE Canvas is a unified monitoring approach for your entire hospital ecosystem.

Signify Premium Insight: Nanox Investing; Another Extreme Sport

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May 10th 2023 – Nanox has finally received FDA approval for its multi-source scanner, marking a significant achievement for the young vendor. The company can now turn its attention to the challenges ahead; of which there are no shortage.