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Signify Premium Insight: Keya Opens Door to US Expansion

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February 23rd – Keya Medical has begun offering its DEEPVESSEL FFR solution in the US. The solution will offer providers a compelling alternative to one of medical imaging AI’s grandees, HeartFlow, but should that vendor be worried?

Signify Premium Insight: ATA2023: Signify Research’s Top Five Show Predictions

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23rd February 2023 – As healthcare grapples with escalating costs, squeezed budgets and personnel shortages, vendors at next month’s American Telemed Annual Conference (ATA2023) in San Antonio will want to demonstrate they have answers.

Signify Premium Inisght: Paying for AI – Artificial Intelligence and Genuine Costs

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February 21st 2023 – Radnet has launched a new Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection service which allows patients to, for an additional fee, receive additional services including the use of AI to assess their breast cancer risk. Such an option may make commercial sense, but should patients be footing the bill for AI?

SPI Premium Insight: Connecting the Dots on Epic’s App Store Strategy

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21st February 2023 – Epic’s decision to launch a new app store is the result of a regulatory push for greater software interoperability standards. But even in a more ‘open’ environment, tight EHR vendor-developer partnerships will be key.

The Rise and Fall of the Giants of the Clinical Care Market

20th February 2023 – The Clinical Care market has been a hotbox of activity in recent years, with product recalls, supply constraints, increasing costs of production and growing presence of lower cost vendors all placing strain on some of its largest competitors.