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SPI Digital Health: Epic Eyes German Debut at University Hospital, but Outcome Anything but Academic

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28th April 2023 – Epic’s ‘imminent’ rumoured market debut in Germany will grab headlines, but the more interesting developing story is how other vendors are positioning themselves to win market share from Oracle Cerner.

Signify Premium Insights: AI Generating Headlines at HIMSS 23

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April 27th 2023 – There were many topics to discuss at last week’s HIMSS conference in Chicago. Some, such as generative AI, were particularly headline-grabbing, while others represented new approaches to business as usual. For all of them, however, exhibitors were keen to opine and visitors were keen to listen.

SPI Digital Health: As Patient Activation Remains a VBC Provider Pain Point, is Cisco’s CPaaS the Remedy?

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26th April 2023 – Patient activation and engagement are the ‘missing links’ in the value-based care chain. Can Cisco’s CPaaS enterprise communications platform do what many solutions fail to and provide the tactical intelligence care managers need?

Signify Premium Insight: Hisense Hoping for Good Reception

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April 25th 2023 – While some vendors are increasingly focused on attracting the attention of consumers, one company, from China, has opposing ambitions. But, in a competitive market, what are its prospects?

SPI Digital Health: A Case of 1up-manship in Fierce Data Aggregation Market Fight?

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21st April 2023 – US specialist data aggregation vendor 1upHealth recently announced $40M in Series C funding. Will this now elevate it from the crowd in an intensely competitive space?