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Signify Premium Insight: Picking Priorities: A Vendor’s Autumnal To-Do List

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September 5th 2023 – Summer is ending. As employees of medical imaging vendors return to their desks many challenges and opportunities will be calling out for attention. But, amidst this cacophony, which objectives should be prioritised?

SPI Digital Health: As Sale Speculation Grows Louder, What Does NextGen Bring to the Table?

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5th September 2023 – With speculation gathering pace that NextGen will soon be acquired, why would the vendor be a good catch, and what impact will any deal have on the US ambulatory EHR market?

SPI Digital Health: Signify Premium Insight: EHR Vendor Financials Q2 2023

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1 September 2023 – As EHR vendors serving US and EMEA inpatient and primary care markets contend with consolidation, inflation pressures and health system staff shortages, there are still some bright spots reflected in their Q2 2023 results.

Signify Premium Insight: One Small Scan for Man…

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August 31st 2023 – Voxelgrids has announced the launch of India’s first domestically-produced MRI system. The system could help bring access to MRI imaging to millions of people in India, but Voxelgrids must overcome some challenges first.

Philips Continues to Face up to its Ventilator Recalls – But Where is the Competition Headed?

Signify Research recently updated its market analysis on the ventilator market and assessed the market share of the leading vendors across the ventilator product segments. Despite the recalls, the dominance of the ventilator manufacturers has remained relatively steady over the last two years, with a few product-specific variations to Signify’s 2021 report edition.