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Signify Premium Insight: The Impact of Inflation on Medical Imaging

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16th August 2022 – Inflation is rising across the world and medical imaging vendors, like their counterparts in other industries, are facing difficult decisions about how best to react to this change. This Premium Insight explores their options.

Medical Imaging AI Market Set to Reach Almost $1.4Bn by 2026

15th August 2022 – The medical imaging AI world market has surged past its pre-pandemic levels and was estimated to be more than $400 million in 2021. This market remains dynamic, and despite several major barriers, the market is projected to reach almost $1.4 billion by 2026, with a growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7%.

How to Realise Real-World Value from Real-World Clinical Data

15th August 2022 – As a primer for our new report, we explore the opportunity for technology vendors in providing platforms designed to unify and curate these resources with a key underlying question: What commercial opportunity exists for unified clinical data platforms?

Signify Premium Insight: The Power of Perspective: AI Vendor Sentiment Index Q2

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11th August 2022 – Signify Research’s Vendor Sentiment Index tracks the confidence levels of key vendors in the AI market. While full details are available in the report, this Premium Insight offers commentary on the key themes.

Strong Revenue Recovery of 15% for Fixed Digital Radiography in 2021, Whilst Fluoroscopy Grew by 18% Year-on-Year

10th August 2022 – The fixed digital radiography and fluoroscopy markets enjoyed strong growth in 2021, enjoying revived demand after 2020’s Covid-induced lull. In this Insight, Signify Research analysts Bhvita Jani and Graham Cooke assess whether this growth was an anomaly, or whether it is set to continue.