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Demand for Real-Time Information in the Clinical Setting Highlighted after COVID-19 Pandemic

13th May 2021 – Despite some progression toward digitisation of healthcare systems and the use of electronic medical records, the pandemic highlighted the lack of the full utilisation of digitalised clinical solutions in many countries, with many hospitals still running on paper-based systems within high acuity settings.

Oncology IT Impact Analysis: Siemens Healthineers Completes Varian Medical Systems Acquisition

13th May 2021 – Siemens Healthineers officially completed the acquisition of Varian Medical Systems on April 15th 2021. Here is our insight into this acquisition.

Signify Premium Insight: Shopping, Cinema, X-ray – Imaging at the Mall

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11th May 2021 – Some vendors are working hard to bring their medical imaging equipment to more people than ever before, however, if this drive is to be successful, these vendors must first overcome some very significant obstacles.

Signify Premium Insight: The Ascent of Outpatient Imaging

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6th May 2021 -Despite the Covid pandemic, some outpatient imaging providers are going from strength to strength. This Insight asks whether this momentum will continue, and what its ramifications might be.

Signify Premium Insight: Better Together – The Possibilities for Partners

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May 4th 2021 – As well as iterating and improving their ranges, vendors are also exploring new ways to sell their products. For some, distribution partnerships could prove a valuable option.