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Partnerships are King for Machine Learning in Radiology

Medical image analysis companies are forging strategic partnerships with health providers to collaborate on machine learning projects. However, more partnerships are needed to accelerate the uptake of machine learning in radiology. Our analysis of the current state of play and who is partnering with who.

PHM 2016 Market Share Analysis

EHR & payer/provider-owned vendors take 55% of North American Population Health Management Market. Here’s our analysis of the competitive environment in 2016.

Hyland Software Snaps Up Lexmark Perceptive

Here’s our analysis of the deal, likely outcomes and what this will mean for the imaging IT and clinical ECM market. Will it be a game changer and how will the competition react?

20% of North American PHM Market is “Captive”

20% of the North American Population Health Management (PHM) market is effectively “locked out” to competition as it is served by vendors supplying their owners with PHM solutions – i.e. it’s a captive market.

5 Key Issues for Cloud Adoption in Clinical IT

Despite industry hype, why is market penetration so low when cloud IT is big business in other sectors? And what are the key factors in cloud adoption for healthcare?