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Signify Premium Insight: Autonomous AI Debate Reiterates Importance of Radiologists

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12th April 2022 – After almost dying out, the debate about AI replacing radiologists risks being reignited thanks to the approval of an autonomous rule-out solution from Oxipit. So, does the clearance mean that AI has been transformed?

Signify Premium Insight: VC’s $3.6bn in a Quickly Maturing Market

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8th April 2022 – Since 2015, Venture Capital investors have poured almost $3.6bn into the medical imaging AI market. Signify Research’s recently released report identified the trends within this funding. This Premium Insight looks at these trends in more detail, and assesses their implications.

Signify Premium Insight: How Soon Is Now for Butterfly Network?

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6th April 2022 – Butterfly Network has recently hit a difficult spell. As well as facing lawsuits from both investors and competitors the vendor’s share price is near an all-time low and it has lowered its guidance. Despite all these clouds, is there yet a silver lining?

Signify Premium Insight: FDA Approval for Samsung NeuroLogica as Interest in Photon Counting CT Grows

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31st March 2022 – Photon counting represents the next great technological leap for CT, unlocking new possibilities for the modality. As yet, only two vendors have had their systems cleared by the FDA, with a very different approach taken by each.

State of Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Volumes

In the years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide accessibility and usage of medical imaging has made marginal but marked gains. This is due to both the increased investment in healthcare and the advances in technology that improve image acquisiton speed and/or image quality. According to the Lancet in October 2021, 47% of the […]