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Signify Premium Insight: To Dream and to Do – GE Stands Alone

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January 17th 2023 – After years of preparation and planning GE HealthCare has finally been spun off from the broader GE conglomerate. While the float opens possibilities, there is also a strong case for conservatism.

SPI Premium Insight: Inpatient EHR Competitive Landscape EMEA

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17th January 2023 – Billions of dollars of investment in hospitals and health systems digitisation is spearheading EMEA inpatient EHR growth in 2023. As hospitals centralise procurement around single EHR vendors, consolidation is a common theme across many markets.

The Top 10 Trends Signify Premium Insights Expects to Define Medical Imaging in 2023 

17th January 2023 – In this free infographic, we discuss the top ten predictions set to define the medical imaging market in 2023.

Signify Premium Insight: When Infrastructure isn’t Enough: Google Offers Algorithms to End-Users

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January 12th 2023 – In its latest move in the medical imaging market, Google has licensed algorithms to AI vendors, Aidence and iCAD. The move gets Google’s products in customers’ hands, but are there any other benefits for the search giant?

Signify Premium Insight: MDLive Plays Chronic Care Catch Up

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12th January 2023 – US telehealth services company MDLive is expanding its virtual primary care platform to include support tools for patients with chronic conditions. But in a highly competitive virtual care market, it will need to find creative ways to maximise revenue potential.