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Signify Premium Insight: Lessons from a Unicorn: An Assessment of HeartFlow’s Ambition and Execution

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22nd July 2021 – HeartFlow has continued to build on its success, recently announcing that it is set to go public in a deal worth $2.8bn. This Premium Insight looks at how the vendor created this value, and what its next steps will be.

Signify Premium Insight: NHS Puts £10bn up for Grabs for Community Diagnostic Hubs with Imaging Front and Centre

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20th July 2021 – The National Health Service is investing £10bn in diagnostics, with imaging playing a key part. This Premium Insight assesses the funding and determines which vendors are most likely to benefit.

Signify Premium Insight: Expectation and Enigma – The Outlook for Medical Imaging AI

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16th July 2021 – Signify Research has just published its latest Machine Learning in Medical Imaging report. In this Premium Insight, the report’s co-author Dr Sanjay Parekh comments on some of the key findings.

NVIDIA Announces the Launch of UK Supercomputer Cambridge-1

15th July 2021 – NVIDIA Announces the Launch of UK Supercomputer Cambridge-1. In this article we detail how it expects this development to benefit both NVIDIA’s customers and the wider healthcare technology ecosystem.

Signify Premium Insight: Medical Imaging Market Outlook

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14th July 2021 – Over the last month, Signify Research has published a number of its annual reports, including those on General Radiography and Fluoroscopy; Interventional and Surgical X-Ray, Ultrasound Equipment, and Imaging IT. This Premium Insight identifies some of the key findings from these reports.