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Signify Premium Insight: Screening Marks the Next Step in Intelerad’s Grand Ambition

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2nd September 2022 – Intelerad has continued its acquisition streak with the purchase of PenRad Technologies, a breast and lung screening specialist. The move will differentiate the IT vendor from many of its peers, but, will it help Intelerad seal more deals.

Signify Premium Insight: United Imaging Gives the Public what it Wants

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31st August 2022 – In a move that netted the company around $1.6bn, United Imaging has fulfilled its ambition of listing publicly. But, will that money be enough to enable the vendor to continue its rapid rise?

Signify Premium Insight:, Hyperfine and Maximising Mobile MRI

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25th August 2022 – AI solutions can help the potential of medical imaging hardware to be realised, while innovative hardware can help AI solutions reach customers. But, will Hyperfine and be able to capitalise on these opportunities?

Signify Premium Insight: Vendor Financials Roundup – The Health of the Imaging Sector Q2 2022

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23rd August 2022 – The narratives of 2022’s second quarter are captured in vendors’ financial results. This Premium Insight identifies some of the quarter’s key trends and assesses how well positioned medical imaging vendors are in the face of apparent global headwinds.

Signify Premium Insight: Making Plans for Pathology

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18th August 2022 – Providers are increasingly stipulating that their Imaging IT vendors are able to facilitate digital pathology capability. This presents an opportunity for these vendors, which are taking different approaches to capitalise on this opportunity.