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DeepMind Triumph – Too Much Hype for Little Real-World Impact?

18th December 2020 – Deepmind has been making progress in protein structure prediction, but when will this progress translate into tangible benefits for the drug development market?

Signify Premium Insight: The Key Takeaways From RSNA 2020

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15th December 2020 – COVID-19 meant that RSNA 2020 was very different to previous years. However, there were still some very interesting products and innovations on display. Here is our roundup of the show’s key themes.

Signify Premium Insight: Siemens Healthineers makes its digital intentions clear at RSNA 2020

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11th December 2020 – In addition to the MRI systems, mobile C arms and other hardware being shown off virtually by Siemens Healthineers at RSNA, the firm also revealed its new Syngo Carbon software environment.

Signify Premium Insight: The benefits of neutrality – Philips at RSNA 2020

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4th December 2020 – As part of its RSNA announcements, Philips has launched its new Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC). Here’s our assessment.

Signify Premium Insight: GE – the big deal at St. Luke’s

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01st December 2020 – GE Healthcare recently announced that it has signed its largest-ever ultrasound deal in the US. Here are the details behind the deal