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Focusing the Lens on Personalised Breast Imaging in Europe

07th March 2019 – 25 years since its inception, the European Conference of Radiology achieved record attendance as over 30k delegates made their way to Vienna. Breast imaging was one of the most talked about areas of radiology at the show.

Signify Research Analyst Insights from ECR Today 2019

4th March, 2019 – Signify Research insights were featured daily (five insights in total) in “ECR Today”, the daily news publication for the ECR show held in Vienna last week.

Innovation to Address Physician Burnout

21st February 2019 – Long-winded data entry procedures and IT that gets in the way of the clinician-patient relationship have contributed to EHRs being viewed by clinicians with resentment. This year’s HIMSS saw several announcements that will start to address this.

HIMSS 2019: Enterprise Imaging Gears Up For Next Stage of Maturity

21st February 2019 – HIMSS is viewed as a challenging proposition for imaging IT vendors, given the scale and breadth of healthcare IT solutions on show. However, a lack of new announcements this year is perhaps a sign that something more important is underway.

PHM Vendors Pivoting Towards New Revenue Streams

21st February 2019 – While at last year’s HIMSS the focus of many PHM vendors was firmly rooted in saying ‘SDOH’ as many times in one meeting as possible; this year there was an unexpected muted response around buzzwords such as AI or blockchain.