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Signify Premium Insight: Made In India – Population and Policy

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9th July 2022 – An increasing number of vendors are bolstering their production capability and capacity in India. It is a country with enormous potential, but should it be a priority?

Signify Premium Insight: Cleerly Exceptional: $223m Funding lets Heart Health Specialist Join AI’s Top Table

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4th August 2022 – A year after emerging from stealth mode, Cleerly has gone on to secure one of the largest ever funding rounds for a medical imaging AI vendor. What does the vendor have to offer that warrants such an unusual sum?

Signify Premium Insight: Exo Focuses on Ultrasound Acquisition with

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2nd August 2022 – The handheld ultrasound segment is growing, but to realise its potential, vendors must be able to convince new customers to make a purchase. Exo will hope Medo can help it do just that.

Signify Premium Insight: Imaging IT and AI: The Key Trends on Display at ECR 2022

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28th July 2022 – In mid-July, Vienna formed the backdrop to the European Congress of Radiology. The event, while quieter than in previous years, represented a good opportunity for some vendors to show their latest imaging IT and AI products.

ECR 2022: Our Predictions vs Reality: Imaging, Informatics and AI

ECR returned to its first in person conference since February 2019. Overall, exhibitors were disappointed with the underwhelming level of footfall of attendees, in particular radiologists.