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Signify Premium Insight: The Key Modality Trends on Display at ECR 2022

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27th July 2022 – Vienna was recently the backdrop to the European Congress of Radiology. Despite the show being quieter than in previous years, vendors were still keen to demonstrate the latest updates to their medical imaging modality systems.

Signify Premium Insight: Strong Growth and Increased Competition – The Key Trends in the Interventional and Surgical X-ray Markets

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21st July 2022 – The Interventional and Surgical X-ray markets were among those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. In this Premium Insight, Research Manager Bhvita Jani, explains how the market recovered and identifies the dominant trends in the coming years.

Is IT Purchasing Migrating away from the Hospital Lab?

21st July 2022 – To simplify supply chains and streamline budgets, hospitals are increasingly moving departmental IT and equipment procurement up the administrative river towards the C-suite. How should lab IT vendors evolve their strategy to address this?

Signify Premium Insight: Siemens Healthineers Doubles Down on Ultrasound

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19th July 2022 – Last year, rumours circulated that Siemens Healthineers intended to sell off its Ultrasound business. Recently, the company’s CFO said that in fact, it was backing the unit with additional investment. This may bring opportunities to the business, but is it the right call?

Signify Premium Insight: Bayer Looks to the Possibilities of Platforms

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14th July 2022 – There are now a number of AI platforms on the market helping providers deploy and integrate AI solutions. Into this market Bayer has released Calantic. But, does the new platform have enough unique features to make it stand out from the crowd?