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HIMSS 2017: PHM Market Observations

With Population Health Management in the majority of stands at HIMSS, it’s hard not to get cynical about the subject. However, under the hype there were many serious, well defined solutions on show.

The Signify Innovator Series: St. Joseph Health

Meeting with Dr. Michael Marino, DO, MBA who is Chief, IS Operations/Clinical Systems, at St. Joseph Health to discuss how they are pioneering the use of HC IT for PE, PHM & telehealth.

HIMSS 2017: Clinical IT Show Report

After a hectic week of meetings, booth tours and press briefings, here’s The Signify View on the key takeaways from the HIMSS 2017 meet for Imaging IT and CCM IT stakeholders.

User-Specificity Key for Cloud Adoption in Imaging IT?

Despite vast change in a decade, little progress has been made to maintstream cloud adoption. Yet, a growing array of cloud-based imaging IT solutions are now available, is it now starting?

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: A $300M Market by 2021

Deep learning will increasingly be used in the interpretation of medical images to address many long-standing industry challenges. This will lead to a $300 million market by 2021. Our take on the market drivers and the barriers to growth.