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Hard Brexit Signals Rocky Road for Radiology

The UK looks set to leave the EU single market opting for a so-called hard Brexit. What are the implications for MI and HC IT, focusing on the UK NHS, regulatory aspects & the market impact.

Significant Barriers Still Exist for Risk-Sharing Contracting

Despite the sudden surge of interest in risk-sharing contracts, there are multiple barriers remaining that will limit widespread adoption, both for clinical content management and wider healthcare IT.

Machine Learning in Radiology – Vendors Must Prove The ROI

Whilst enthusiasm for machine learning is certainly justified, it inevitably raises expectations, potentially to unrealistic levels. To counter this, machine learning companies must clearly articulate the value proposition of their solutions and demonstrate a clear return on investment (ROI) to healthcare providers.

Back to the future: Top themes from RSNA 2016

Steve Holloway’s AuntMinnieEurope column explores the key takeaways from RSNA 2016 for imaging & healthcare IT and explores if “Beyond Imaging” is just a theory or becoming practice.

RSNA Imaging IT: Innovation Under The Surface

The role and reach of radiology imaging informatics is changing as evidenced at the RSNA 2016 show, albeit under the surface. Here are our key takeaways are what they mean for the CCM market.