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Imaging IT Market Entering an Atypical Growth Period

19th May 2022 – The global imaging IT market has recovered swiftly from the slight downturn experienced in 2020. With short-term growth expected, are imaging IT vendors prepared to take advantage of the atypical market conditions?

Signify Premium Insight: GE Healthcare looks to Keep Patients out of Hospital with Medtronic Partnership

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17th May 2022 – GE Healthcare and Medtronic are partnering to better target office-based labs and ambulatory surgical centres. It is a market rich in opportunity, but will the vendors be held back by their hospital-focused structure?

Hospital Telehealth Vendor Financials Round Up – Teladoc Health, Amwell & SOC Telemed

13th May 2022 – Several telehealth vendors enjoyed great success in 2020, benefitting from pandemic-induced demand. With the full-year results of leading vendors Amwell, Teladoc Health and SOC Telemed now available, we can assess whether they managed to maintain this success.

Signify Premium Insight: The Buyers Looking to do a Deal for Dedalus

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12th May 2022 – Since being acquired by Ardian in 2016, Dedalus has picked up numerous other brands granting it significant market share and capability; including in medical imaging IT. Now Ardian is looking to sell the business, but what could a buyer do with such a diverse portfolio?

Signify Premium Insight: Blurring Boundaries: CT, X-Ray and KA Imaging

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10th May 2022 – KA Imaging has announced it is investing heavily in what it claims is the world’s first dual-energy mobile X-ray system. As well as marking a significant step for the vendor, it also typifies the kind of device that epitomises a current trend; that of increasingly blurring the boundaries between X-ray and CT.