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Signify Premium Insight: The Concerted Effort that TeraRecon Must Make

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26th April 2022 – ConcertAI has recently secured $150m in Series C funding. While the opportunities for ConcertAI are clear, what are the prospects for TeraRecon? Despite being integrated into ConcertAI, will the AI and AV specialist see any upside from the money?

Analysis of the Teleradiology Supplier Ecosystem – 2022 Update

26th April 2022 – Click to view our latest insight which analyses the teleradiology supplier ecosystem. In particular, we’ve explored the different types of companies providing teleradiology IT and reading services in this dynamic market.

Signify Premium Insight: and the Perils of Success

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22nd April 2022 – has become medical imaging AI’s latest unicorn after its latest funding round, which saw it raise $100m at a $1.2bn valuation. The funding will mean can work towards its strategic objectives, but, will such figures also attract unwanted attention?

Signify Premium Insight: Is United Imaging Ready to Disrupt?

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20th April 2022 – United Imaging has grown ferociously over the last decade, but if this momentum is to continue it needs to target markets beyond its native China. As such, should established vendors in mature markets worry?

Signify Premium Insight: Pursuing Partners – GE’s Handshake with Elekta

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14th April 2022 – GE Healthcare is partnering with Elekta in the field of radiation oncology, enabling a more joined-up offering across imaging and treatment. The move may prove fruitful for GE, but at whose expense?