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SPI Digital Health: As Optum’s EMIS Deal Looms, First Databank Takes its Last Stand

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18th August 2023 – The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will issue its final report into Optum’s proposed £1.2B acquisition of EHR vendor EMIS on 5 October. Medicines optimisation tool vendors stand to lose the most from the deal.

Signify Premium Insight: Making the Most of Change in the CT Market

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August 16th 2023 – The CT market is one which is growing, but changes in the opportunity present in regional markets, and advances in technology mean that vendors need to be shrewd to capitalise. Signify Research’s latest CT reports offers guidance as to how.

SPI Digital Health: athenahealth and the Double-Edged Sword of its Marketplace

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16th August 2023 – Independent software vendor Dorsata is suing athenahealth for alleged deceptive business practices and IP theft. Legal issues aside, how can point solution vendors navigate the evolving world of the EHR vendor app store?

The Evolution of Clinical Decision Support in the Patient Monitoring Market

Signify Research has recently updated its analysis of the global patient monitor market. Valued at just under $5 billion in 2022, annual revenues are projected to increase by just over $0.5 billion by 2027.

Keeping up to the Beat of the Diagnostic Cardiology Market

15th August 2023 – Signify Research’s updated Diagnostic Cardiology market report, highlighted the changing dynamics between the Traditional ECG solutions (such as Resting ECG, Stress ECG and ECG Management solutions) and the developing Ambulatory Diagnostic Cardiology market. Click to read our insight.