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Signify Premium Insight: Re-born in the USA

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15th December 2022 – As a result of difficult conditions in its domestic market, and a constant ambition to compete with its larger rivals, Canon is redoubling its efforts in the US with a new subsidiary. But, will it be able to fulfill its American dream?

Signify Premium Insight: The Medical Imaging Modality Trends on Display at RSNA 2022

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13th December 2022 – RSNA could have been a subdued show for modality vendors, but aided by their focus on problems plaguing providers, they were able to deliver a lot of value to attendees.

RSNA 2022: Predictions vs Reality

13th December 2022 – As the dust settles on RSNA 2022, Steve Holloway, Executive Director for Imaging and Health IT provides a summary of the key themes from the show floor in Chicago, while assessing how our predictions, published before the show, fared against reality. 

Breast Imaging Market to Exceed $1.3 billion by 2026: What is the Role of 3D Mammography and AI?

12th December 2022 – In the following insight, market analyst Matthew Watson outlines the key findings of Signify Research’s Breast Imaging – World Market report for 2022

Signify Premium Insight: MEDITECH’s Expanse-ive Innovaccer tie-up

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12th December 2022 – US EHR vendor MEDITECH is launching a new PHM solution powered by Innovaccer. But as US hospital EHR buyers converge procurement around large single-source vendors, what is the future for the solution and the MEDITECH-Innovaccer partnership?