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Signify Premium Insight: In Step with the HIMSS Set, Intelerad Marches Forward

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24th March 2022 – HIMSS 2022 formed the backdrop to several significant vendor announcements. Among them was the launch of Intelerad’s new enterprise imaging suite, an announcement that will impact whether its customers choose to stick around.

Signify Premium Insight: Proscia Partnership Shows Siemens’ Pathology Play

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23rd March 2022 – Siemens Healthineers has taken the next steps forward along its enterprise imaging pathway by adding digital pathology capability via a partnership with Proscia. This Premium Insight explains what the agreement means for the vendors.

Signify Premium Insight: Is Patent 99 the Key to Increasing Volpara’s ARPU?

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17th March 2022 – Volpara has received a patent for a new tool which identifies and quantifies breast arterial calcification from a mammography examination. This Premium Insight assesses what impact such a tool could have.

Signify Premium Insight: Overconfident or Underappreciated? How AI Vendors Feel in Q1 2022

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16th March 2022 – Signify Research’s Vendor Sentiment Index tracks the confidence levels of key vendors in the AI market. While full details are available in the report, this Premium Insight offers commentary on some of the key themes.

Signify Premium Insight: Nines Acquisition Readies Sirona for AI Attack

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10th March 2022 – As of yet, imaging IT vendors have tended to rely on partnerships rather than acquisitions to add AI capability to their portfolios. Sirona Medical has, however, bucked this trend, instead plunging into an acquisition.