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Signify Premium Insight: IBM Watson’s Path From Jeopardy to Jettison

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27th January 2022 – IBM’s sale of its healthcare assets may seem counterintuitive at a time when Microsoft, Oracle and others are making acquisitions, however, the move actually brings it in closer alignment with its peers than it may appear at first glance. What’s more, the move could also offer opportunities to the pared-off assets.

Signify Premium Insight: Of Planes and Purple Cows: MaxQ AI’s Failure Under Pressure

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25th January 2022 – Amidst increasing pressure in the stroke AI market, MaxQ AI, one of the category’s early pioneers, has been forced to beat a retreat. The question is, how do other vendors avoid a similar fate?

Getinge Expands Digital Solutions Through Acquisition of Talis Clinical LLC

24th January 2022 – In December 2021, Getinge announced its plans to acquire 100% of the equity interest in US-based Talis Clinical LLC. Talis Clinical LLC provides high-acuity IT software platforms. In this insight we take a look at this recent acquisition for Talis Clinical LLC.

Signify Premium Insight: Grasping the Nettle in Digital Pathology

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20th January 2022 – Market analyst Imogen Fitt explains some of the key findings of her Digital Pathology – World – 2021 report, and highlights the trends that are set to have the most impact on the market.

Signify Premium Insight: Oracle Ups Microsoft’s Efforts on Journey Into Healthcare

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18th January 2022 – In late December Oracle revealed it was buying up Cerner for almost $30bn. Tech companies have had ambitions in healthcare for some time, but, does Oracle’s deal show the movement is gaining traction?