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High-Acuity Telehealth Market Trends and Competitive Landscape

Signify Research has assessed the key factors expected to impact the High-Acuity Market and Competitive Landscape. These have been highlighted in a complementary infographic.

SPI Digital Health: Teladoc Takes Plunge with Nuance DAX and OpenAI but Will Profitability Follow?

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11th August 2023 – Teladoc will integrate Nuance DAX’s AI-powered voice dictation software into its platform under a tie-up with Microsoft. The move could bring a number of strategic benefits to the US telehealth vendor.

Signify Premium Insight: The Possibilities of Private Equity and Independent Practices

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August 10th 2023 – Private Equity is increasingly buying up independent outpatient sites in the US. This creates some significant opportunities for vendors, but there are also some sizable risks.

SPI Digital Health: ‘Disruptive’ DexCare Rides the Consumerisation Wave

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9th August 2023 – With another $75M funding in place, platform developer DexCare aims to help health systems operate more efficiently while improving patient access and experience. But can it convince IT buyers of the value of its offering?

Signify Premium Insight: Flywheel Funding Will Help, but no Freewheeling Yet

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August 8th 2023 – Flywheel has recently secured $54m in Series D funding round. The vendor is well placed to capitalise on healthcare’s growing appetite for data, but how will it handle the nascent market’s challenges?