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Signify Premium Insight: Adaptix Plans to Disrupt the Point of Care X-ray Market

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March 24th 2021 – Adaptix revealed its point of care 3D orthopaedic X-ray system at ECR 2021. This Insight assesses the device’s potential, while also identifying some of the challenges it will have to overcome if it is to make a significant impact.

Signify Premium Insight: The Key Releases of ECR 2021

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March 19th 2021 – Despite the ongoing pandemic, the annual European Congress of Radiology went ahead, albeit virtually. This Insight considers some of the key announcements made at the show.

Signify Premium Insight: The Value of an Algorithm

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March 16th 2021 – As the Medical Imaging AI market matures, many vendors will not be able to rely on a single tool, instead having to develop more complete solutions. This Insight assesses acquisition as a method for achieving this goal.

Signify Premium Insight: Medica Taps Sectra for PACS

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March 11th 2021 – Medica, the largest provider of teleradiology services to the NHS, is set to adopt Sectra’s PACS from 2022 after a deal was struck by the two companies. The details of this deal, as well as its significance, are explored in this Insight.

Will COVID-19 accelerate cost-sharing purchase models in the clinical care market?

11th March 2021 – As the calm starts to set in as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the focus will resume on lessons learnt. It was clear that many of the most mature healthcare markets were not prepared for the pandemic.