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How value-based healthcare is affecting product choice in the anaesthesia and respiratory care markets

14th December 2021 – Value-based care has been prevalent in the US for many years, and more recently several other countries have started to roll out healthcare reform plans that also focus on improving the quality of healthcare provision, whilst increasing efficiency of the care provided.

Signify Premium Insight: Trends and Takeaways from RSNA 2021 – Imaging IT and AI

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10th December 2021 – Despite the challenges of exhibiting at RSNA, and the smaller number of attendees, the response to this year’s RSNA was positive. There were some innovative product launches, but for many imaging IT and AI vendors, the focus was on much more pragmatic developments.

Revenue growth for fixed General Radiography and Fluoroscopy is set to reach 10% and 8% respectively in 2021

9th December 2021 – After a challenging 2020 with COVID-19, Signify Research assesses how the market is set to rebound in 2021 in the General Radiography and Fluoroscopy markets

Signify Premium Insight: Rads to Take the Lead in Visage’s Videos

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7th December 2021 – A mere novelty or a fundamental change in the profession of radiology and the way patients relate to medical imaging? Signify Premium Insights considers Visage’s new video reporting feature.

Signify Premium Insight: IBM’s RSNA AI Platform Push

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6th December 2021 – At this year’s RSNA, IBM Watson Health revealed a new cloud-native imaging AI orchestration platform. It isn’t the first vendor to launch such a product, but are its unique features enough to render it a success?